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Hey guys!!!
I’ve been away for awhile due to my crazy kids, depression (I just discovered that I have BWS) and online school but have no fear! I’m back…I seriously need to get back in to blogging and reading more because it’s a great distraction

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I got tagged by the amazing Zuky @ BookBum (and creator of this tag). I love that I got tagged in this because I have always loved Greek Mythology so I was excited about this one. Especially because it’s new too ❤




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Zeus: King of the Gods – your favorite book

Honestly I do not have any one book that is my absolute favorite….probably because the majority of the books I read were years ago so I don’t really remember most of them and I just picked up reading a lot again over the last year or so….it’s kind of sad….



Hera: Queen of the Gods – a badass female character

9780373211579_BB.indd I love Ten. Just everything about her. The passion she has for Killian, the need to bring both sides together, her obsession with numbers, everything about her I find badass!



Janus: God of Beginnings – your favorite debut(s)

I haven’t really read any new new books, I live under a rock so a lot of the books I have read have been out for at least a year….I’m lame -_-




Capture6Athena: Goddess of Wisdom – your favorite non-fiction book

401514 This will always and forever be the best non-fiction book I have ever read. While reading it I felt like I was there. From the crash to deciding who to eat, to being rescued…I couldn’t put it down and I have been thinking about rereading it recently.



Capture7Aphrodite: Goddess of Love – a book you adore and recommend everyone read (other than your favorite book!)

22328546 Seriously such an amazing series! I really want them to turn this series in to movies or shows or something but I don’t want them to ruin it either. I just love it




Capture8Hades: God of the Underworld – an evil book you wish didn’t exist

33358438 I just can’t. I am part of the LGBTQ community so it has nothing to do with Peter being trans in this book. The writing just overall sucked. And in a way he’s not even trans because once you decided if you’re a trans woman or trans man you stay that waywell spoiler alert….Peter goes back and forth between being a girl and boy…It’s actually annoying and the age gap between Peter and Hook makes Hook kind of a pedophile which is nasty. I was so annoyed and disappointed with this book.



Capture9Poseidon: God of the Sea & Earthquakes – a beautiful & ground-breaking book

12232938 Although this book was extremely sad, (for those of you who only saw the movie it did absolutely no justice to how sad an amazing this book was), it touches upon real situations and just how easy it is to be living next door to a monster and not even knowing.


Capture10Apollo: God of the Arts – a beautiful book cover

30320053 I am actually currently reading this (it’s ok so far but I’m only on chapter 7) I just love this cover so much. I am off from class all next week so I am making it my mission to finish this book ( with some willpower and silence maybe I’ll get through it before then).



Capture11Hypnos: God of Sleep – a book so boring you almost fell asleep

33412061 Ugh!!! I wanted to love it…but nope. The concept of Nevermore was great but I just couldn’t.



Capture12Hermes: Messenger of the Gods – a book you sped through

10818853 I really enjoyed this book, sex and all. It was really well written and the love story aspect of it made me fly threw it. I read the second one and part of the third one and the one that was in his own words also. The first one was the best.





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9 thoughts on “The Greek Gods Book Tag

    1. Omg it’s so good. It’s about a rugby team from like 50 years ago that crashes on a snowy mountain. It’s amazing. The movie sucked in comparison but if u watch it alone it’s good

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